Tibet Arts and Healing
Tibet Arts and Healing

Tibet Arts and Healing

With our focus on Tibetan Art and Artifacts, we carry a wide range of Buddhist practice items like very fine malas, thangkas, statues, devotional and offering wares, singing bowls and bells, gongs, tingshas, and rare Antique objects. We have one of the broadest selections of books about Buddhism, and Tibetan Buddhism in the Northeast. Some items are also suitable for Hindu and “New Age” practice, as well as application of Feng Shui or other blessing practices for living, business or work spaces.

We also stock a large collection of Hand Made Jewelry and Tibetan Handicrafts, traditional, devotional or just plain beautiful. Some of them are our very own designs and are offered nowhere else. In our retail store, we offer many items of cotton, silk and wool clothing, hats and accessories. Our customers like our very reasonable prices, our friendly, knowledgable service and our selection.

We offer authentic items, new and old, from our rich Tibetan culture and are thrilled to do so. All are carefully hand made by superior crafts people, exiled Tibetans refugees living in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Mongolia and elsewhere. Our agents and representatives are constantly looking for special, rare and finer items at terrific prices. Your purchase directly assists in the day to day lives of these refugees and aids in preserving and expanding the unique, rich Tibetan heritage and culture.


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